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Professional English, French and Spanish to Italian linguist

Technology, IT & Software 


E-commerce & Marketing 

Legal & Financial

Life sciences, medical, health & pharmaceuticals 


Education & E-learning 

How I work

  1. Explain me your needs and your required deadline. It would be great if you could send me the material you need to translate, so I can take a look at it and be more accurate in my quotation.
  2. I send you my quotation.
  3. If you agree, accept my quotation and send me the documents to be translated.
  4. I start the translation. If I should have doubts during the task, I will contact you for more clarifications. Furthermore, in case of long task, I will provide you with periodic updates.
  5. Delivery of the documents translated.

What I need 

  • Clear instructions.
  • Documents in formats that I can open and process.
  • Final versions and not drafts that could be modified.
  • A list with specific terminologies, if used.
  • Collaboration, in case I will contact you to ask some clarifications.
  • A little time, to be able to deliver a translation of excellent quality.

What You Get

An excellent translation in Italian language of your document.
After translation, I always read all the material in order to refine terminology, readability, correct any typos, etc., to provide you with the best quality.