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Who does your translation?

Who does your translation?

My name is Monica R. Pelà and I am a freelance italian translator and proofreader, with more than 15 years of experience in translations.

After my linguistic and literary studies, I've started to collaborate as translator and proofreader for different customers. In all these years I've translated almost any kind of document included webpages, marketing materials, business, legal, financial documents and books. 

I also believe that every translator has a great responsibility. It is not just about translating words. He or she must be able to transfer the deep information that they contain. Only in this way the original meaning will be respected. I always like to say that "Translating is not about words but it’s what these words mean".

As a perfectionist and detail-oriented person, I'm focused on quality and deadlines. My aim is to deliver a document perfectly translated and proofread, which satisfy customer’s requirements. I collaborate with translation agencies around the world as well as with direct clients and I offer competitive rates and a fast on-time delivery of your translations.

I like having a human and professional relationship with my clients based on communication and mutual respect. Communications with me are very easy: feel free to contact me and I always reply as soon as I can. 

I'm Proz and ATA (American Translators Association) member.

Besides my activity, I'm a passionate of music, b/n photography, walks at sunset… and my indispensable daily espresso!

If you need a reliable collaborator, contact me right now to discuss your project and ask for a free quote.

I'm also available for collaborating with Translation Agencies.

Please send me an e-mail at info@mrptranslations.com or fill the form.

I will be happy to reply to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).